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Belle Lafaye: Creations by Aria

~couture gifts with New Orleans soul~

New Orleans is a place rich in history, tradition and ritual. Our traditions infuse our everyday experience, but they come alive most during the holiday season.

In Creole homes, greenery lived through garlands on mantlepieces and wreaths, interspersed with ribbon and homemade ornaments, long before the Christmas tree was the fashion. The windows of Creole homes were filled with candles to light the way for Papa Noel to come fill the children's shoes (not stockings!) After Midnight Mass, the family would settle down for the Reveillon meal and get lost in the beauty of their decorations as morning

dawns on Christmas day.

Belle Lafaye's couture creations seek to keep the sights and trinkets of seasons gone by with our hand-painted ornaments and candle votives, with a 21st century flair.

Let us become part of your holiday traditions!