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Belle Lafaye: Creations by Aria

~couture gifts with New Orleans soul~

BLC Boutique

BLC Boutique

La Maison Noel


This shotgun house ornament is all decked out for the Christmas season, with wreaths on the windows, door and porch railings. The house is ivory with gold shutters and pearlized white gingerbread trim, gables, and eaves.

The design on this flat round 3.5" ornament was inspired by the beautiful decorations seen in New Orleans neighborhoods each December and evokes the beauty of an earlier era. On the left of the front side, "Noel" is written in gold, ivory and white pearl.

As does every Belle Lafaye ornament, La Maison Noel comes with a wired gold ribbon that allows you to display it right out of the box, and has a signature with the date that allows you to remember the year you began your Belle Lafaye collection.

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