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Belle Lafaye: Creations by Aria

~couture gifts with New Orleans soul~

BLC Boutique

BLC Boutique

La Helene


Strut your stuff! This parasol is for the truly glamorous spirit with a constant spotlight who loves to make a splash and revel in the lush plumage of feathered beauty.

La Helene is a purple lace parasol covered with stunning tiers of peacock feathers, culminating in a circlet of turquoise, purple and blue-green feathers near the top, complimenting the eye of each peacock feather. It is topped with a signature Belle Lafaye fleur-de-lis finial of purple satin covered in turquoise, green and purple seed beads with a purple beaded lace edge. The combined effect is breathtaking and a unique statement of glamour.

La Helene is 19" when opened, with a silver stem and curved vintage-feel handle. 

It is an ideal showstopper for a peacock-themed special event and will send your second line out with a bang!

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