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Belle Lafaye: Creations by Aria

~couture gifts with New Orleans soul~

BLC Boutique

BLC Boutique

Snowy Streetcars


The holiday season in New Orleans brings unique sights and experiences that visitors and natives alike savor year after year. In 1989, Aria witnessed her first snowfall and fell in love with the image of a St. Charles streetcar rambling down the tracks as the snowflakes fell. 

The now-iconic image inspired the Snowy Streetcars ornaments, which have been a popular Belle Lafaye gift in recent years. It depicts both the St. Charles line (the green car) and the Canal line (red) rambling down the tracks as some very special snowflakes fall: pearl and white fleur-de-lis!  

Befitting the Christmas season, each car is trimmed in greenery and bows, just like the real streetcars are, with a golden sparkly light to guide the way.

Each streetcar bears the Belle Lafaye signature with the year of creation, so you or that special someone can remember the year you began your collection. The ornaments also come with a wired gold ribbon to hang your gift as soon as it comes out of the box!

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