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Belle Lafaye: Creations by Aria

~couture gifts with New Orleans soul~


We love hearing from our Belle Lafaye amoureux!

Please share your appreciation for our couture gifts here, especially if you have begun collecting them as a purchase, or as a gift!

Merci beaucoup! 

My family and myself have purchased ornaments and votives. I cannot begin to express how absolutely lovely they are. The ornaments we save for Christmas; however, at least for me, the fleur-de-lis votives are year round delights. The ornaments have stood the test of time, wrapped carefully in paper in the beautiful custom box, for storage. After Thanksgiving, when we decorated the tree, it was a joy to pull these ornaments out. They hold a coveted spot of being considered some of the 'special ornaments' residing in fine company with others that have been in the family for decades.

Stacie Dawson

I ordered the Le Roux umbrella in a custom shade of blush from the Belle Lafaye Etsy page. Aria is amazingly talented and very helpful. The quality and customer service is superb. I highly recommend this shop to anyone who is looking for something unique and truly made with heart and soul. Merci Beaucoup!Quotes

Jen White

Highly recommend this shop!

I ordered a few ornaments for my own tree -- and the minute they arrived, I wished I had thought to order more as gifts! The pictures, although lovely, did not do Aria's artwork justice. Each ornament was intricately crafted and beautifully detailed. They arrived quickly, beautifully packaged, and in perfect condition. Aria's ornaments will be my go-to gift this year!

Siobhan M.


Gorgeous! Each piece is stunning. The votive is for my nightstand. Can't wait to put the ornaments on the tree. I will order more. And the box is a work of art too! Love them. Thanks for such lovely work!Quotes

Jocelyn Hamlar

Thank you VERY much for the gorgeous Raphael votive holder! It's simply elegant, and it shows very well in all lighting. Lovely!! Thank you again!Quotes

Nancy Brown

I ordered the Crescent Fete from the Etsy boutique and asked Aria to add a custom touch. It is beautiful and will be treasured for years to come, remembering a great vacation to New Orleans!

Patricia Childers

I ordered the Heaux Heaux Heaux ornament for a friend who is a Saints fan from Aria's Etsy shop. She was thrilled! The ornament arrived in perfect shape.Quotes

Ruth Mannich

A great gift!

I ordered the St. Rose de Lima Church ornament on Etsy from the Saint Cecelia collection. A truly lovely ornament arrived, beautifully packaged in a case for keeping safe, from a talented artist and thoughtful seller-thank you!Quotes

Lynn Bailey

Aria! The ornaments are even more beautiful in person! And the box is beautiful! Thank you so much for these gifts-my friends have loved them!

Anna B.

"My custom ornaments are wonderful and have been received with great praise and joy!"

Laurie O. Dawes

I just opened the box I ordered from you, and your Prentiss ornament and matching votive are even more exquisite in person than the photo of it captured! And I didn't know it would even come in such an elegantly designed box! You are amazing!Quotes

June Pulliam

I couldn't believe how quickly my order arrived after I placed it and how IMPRESSED I was by the quality & the packaging. It was perfect in every way and I was not expecting something so beautiful, inside and out. The personal touches were amazing as well and I really like that I have a box to keep it in forever! Thanks so much! I hope everyone will order at least 1 thing from you to get the happy "little kid at Christmas" experience I got when I received my order. Thanks again!Quotes

Rebecca F.

Aria made the La Therese parasol for me. I used it for my bridal portraits and to second line at my wedding and it was a beautiful addition! Each and every bead was intricately sewn by hand, the lace was perfect, and she went above and beyond and added an alabaster white underlay to match the color of my dress. Aria exceeded my expectations! She is a gift!

Tess Autin Danos

I recently worked with Aria on a mutual friends Bridal photo shoot. The lace parasol (La Therese) provided by Aria was absolutely gorgeous. It was really well made and added a special touch to the photos. She has a eye for detail and her love for everything she makes certainly shows. Aria is a joy to work with & pleasure to know.Quotes

Lindsey D.

Beautiful Work!

Thanks for shopping at Belle Lafaye! We very much appreciate your shopping with us. Please take a moment to share your experience with our products!

Aria from Belle Lafaye

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